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Great tips. Keeping out the mundane and shaking out the complacency should be every sales manager's number one job. Thanks Skip, I have a few more ideas now!
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Be more social. Stop fiddling around with sales reports and looking for "just the right lead." Trade in those time wasters for good conversations. I had a mentor tell me once: "Your sales numbers (closed deals) are in direct proportion to the number of good conversations you have." It works. Have more good conversations--everyday.
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From the other Bill Rice: I think this shows two important distinctions that should be highlighted in most sales training: 1. There is a big difference between belly to belly B2B sales and aggressive B2C sales. I have done both and there is cause and technique for both. 2. Sales scripts and rigid sales process can drive customers away. I advocate the "playbook" paradigm versus the sales script. Jill you always give us great stuff. Thank you.
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This is a great approach. Putting things into scenarios (play acting) that you can really see in your mind is a great way to train. We've all seen Tiffany, but reading the average tips and tricks we may not understand who or how to apply these techniques. Another great post! "Tiffany, could you please step into my office..."
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I have been a big proponent of this audience interactive presentation format. I saw it as one step toward bringing the audience up on stage--a concept Dave Winer has long talked about and quested after. It's really a shame civility and social grace melt away in a mob. Why not just use the "unconference" rule of "two feet" and the door. It sends just as loud a message and is not so rude. I think you hit it right on as for when it will and won't work.
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Dec 10, 2009