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You seem to treat "freedom" and "liberty" as the same concept, which they're not. None of the definitions of freedom that you offer provide a definition of liberty. The one that comes closest is 1c (if a, b, and c were actually labeled as such). But it uses the vague term "wrongfully" with no referent, so it could mean anything at all. Perhaps your future comments on the topic will clarify the concept, but (for me) it's fairly simple: Liberty is freedom from coercion. Coercion is any violation of a person's will, with the objective or effect of gaining some unearned value (whether psychic or material). If a libertarian is an advocate of liberty, (s)he had better know the meaning of the word.
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2011 on What is Liberty? at Bleeding Heart Libertarians
The Supremes assume two fallacies: 1. That individuals can be found guilty of "aiding and abetting" when no crime has been proven. 2. That simple association with the views of some potentially dangerous groups is sufficient to overturn the Bill of Rights. On these grounds, the Court's dissenting position offers "aid and comfort to the groups that have been arbitrarily designated as being engaged in something called "terrorism." If Court is willing to jail any dissenters on tose grounds, three of their members should be hung, tried, and convicted for giving aid and comfort to terrorists.
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Jun 21, 2010