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kudos to you and your team robert. looking forward to this. somehow i think the term 'wiki' may be useful in the title. para wiki ? wiki-woo ;) though maybe moving away from that is the key. i agree that the name of the thing is of utmost importance. it's all about branding, as they say. one can argue that public perception of psi is a marketing issue. it's either bad typography over glowing eyes peering through mist, incredibly dry academic work only meant for insiders or oprah-level wellness pablum. how to be populist but not dumbed down, how to be serious but not aloof. i like the vibe of things like edgescience, reality sandwich, your blog here and other sites that stress science and research with a holistic bent. onwards !
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2014 on Online Encyclopedia Update at Paranormalia
good news robert this initiative that you describe will be a welcome resource ... and that you've agreed to work on it merits congrats and blessings. as rabbitdawg mentions : "Some facts may be open to reasonable dispute, but that is usually acknowledged in the article." a section in each entry outlining popular or oft quoted dismissals and then followed by reasoned reply might be scads of extra work but will prove to be invaluable in the long run (my idealism shining through) also, with you involved we can rest easy there won't be any pulsating alien heads or radioactive crop circle logos marring the design of the site ;) i first returned to this site because of the tasteful and sober design...something i've often repeated is sorely lacking in many paranormal sites (that are still stuck in some black and lime green nineties hell of graphic design....because, y'know, paranormal!!) i'll also pipe in re: sceptics. some will ease into the at-first uncomfortable reality the data reveals, other newer ones will be born, tactics and focus will change over time, today homeopathy, tomorrow who knows... the wiki entry of the site you propose will be a doozy i'm sure. in any case, honest thinkers know who they are. ok, enough ramble, thanks for the news. good luck on the work load !
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2014 on Psi Encyclopedias at Paranormalia
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Jun 8, 2014