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shouldn't we read for July 17 C4R 2015.8 and C4R 2016.3? Thanks to adjust the dates since March 7 was postponed to March 15.
my top 3: 1. Sorting schedules in project browser by schedule type/ disciplines etc... 2. Apply view templates for schedules for apparences, sorting etc... 3. Apply the same above to legends.
Erik, For A3 do we keep 2011 or do we replace it by 2012; within the string? Thanks,
Toggle Commented Dec 13, 2010 on Palette and Element Creation at Inside the Factory
"it is better to have things visible, then turned off by the 'view owner' if/when not needed." Unless you are dealing with DWG linked. You dont want to have them visible in all views.
That's an excellent idea for Revit newbies. So lets talk about those "Essentials" or I prefer the word "fundamentals". 1. Navigation (View cube, Mouse Wheel, project browser, selection, nudge 2. Modeling (create basic elements, modify) 3. Query (Temporary dimension, Measure) 4. Datum (Levels and Grids) For newbies that's enough to start then they will go to more advance skills. I like the box ala Maya. Thanks for listening Kal
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2010 on Got Essential Skills? at Inside the Factory
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Sep 9, 2010