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David Bimler
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It is with great delight that I bring you the self-slicing pig as a dashboard wiggler: Is there a line of descent leading down to Le Cochon Prodigue from the self-slicing pig that appears in the upper right of Bruegel's "Land of Cockaigne"?
Dewdney, in "The Planiverse", spent a while looking into the details of how multicellular communication might work in a 2D universe. There's still the problem that planetary orbits don't exist in 2D (assuming that forces like gravity follow an inverse law rather than an inverse-square law).
Have you read Ralf Kuehni's histories of colour order systems? ("Color Ordered", "Color Space and Its Divisions"). He devotes a few pages to the genre of urine wheels and urine trees. A less academic response here:
Please excuse me for coming to this thread a year late... I wasn't spending so much time at the Bookstore a year ago. The weeping fetal skeleton is a straight copy from one of Frederik Ruysch's anatomical preparations, from about 1710: I suspect the others are from the same source. Of course the question remains, *why* the author thought that the illustrations would be enhanced by a frame of fetal memento mori.
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Jan 23, 2012