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Free Agent
I only follow people who ATTEMPT to INTIMIDATE others, I LOATHE BULLIES!
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May 3, 2010
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May 3, 2010
I'm sure the MSM will simply call it a "failed device" without the appropriate descriptors such as : "muslim", "jihad" "terrorist" "islam" etc. We don't tell the truth in North America, we might hurt somebody's itty bitty feewings.
The gall of people who are in a country illegally to protest for "THEIR RIGHTS". They have no rights, they are illegal occupiers & should be turfed out on their collective asses and made to follow the rules of the land which are are lot less stringent than the immigration rules of their "mother" country. Too bad there aren't many politicians in the USA who love their country more than power. When & if you find them, they will have cojones and the love of their country......make sure you support them. It's the only hope you have now considering the politics of your potus.
Toggle Commented May 2, 2010 on Pro-Illegal Immigration Rally NYC at Atlas Shrugs
TO Jackson Pearson... You are a wise man, I made the mistake of posting at Puff HO, I thought I could make a significant contribution to the good fight. I was stalked & baited the whole time by one apologist poster, who disliking my view on islam decided to or was told tail me. As well as islam etc., she especially took offense if I dared to discuss any European topics, as that's where SHE was from. She quite adroitly turned herself into the victim every time I dared fight back. I never used profanity, preached hate and only became personal in response to repeated insults. The moderators allowed me to be insulted but every response of mine to an insult was rejected. They say I was banned (within 4 months) for "egregious" behavior. In fact i think I was banned because : 1) MY stalker had friends higher up (surely at least some moderators or bloggers) 2) I did not follow the the anti-Jew, anti-Zionist, poor palestinian party line 3) I refused to capitalize the words "islam", "muslim", "palestinian" and others 4) I complained when racist & anti-semitic links to "Stormfront" and "ICH" "were allowed and my links to legitimate anti-palestinian articles were not 5) I was labelled a racist because i hate islam 6) I Said "there are no "palestinians" but my reasoning for that much disputed remark was never allowed the light of day. And I'm sure there are other reasons, but they don't bother to respect anyone enough to give them examples of the behavior they describe as being the reason for banning. They just come at you out of left field without any reason for the banning. That's it, you're banned. When questioned they simply do not respond. Total control without repercussions or redress. Meanwhile some of the most prolific but skilled haters & apologists I've ever seen continue to post and gain more & more fans. Thankfully the "Brothers of Judea" are managing to hold Puff HO's anti-semitic poster's feet to the fire, eventually. It's a long, tiring battle. If you're passive-aggressive, anti-zionist & pro-palestinian and an apologist, Puff Ho's the place for you. The preceding characteristics are especially perfect for anyone hoping to be a moderator. Nuff said.
It's time for Canada & the US to pull out of the UN and withdraw all support, especially financial. The UN is turning into an islamic circus freak show and it's a complete farce. Let's drop it like at hot potato and kick it the h*ll out of the USA. I have ZERO respect for the UN.
I wholeheartedly agree with what you've said "Jackson Pearson". If intimidation without actual action works as well as it does in the free world , can you imagine what some public beheadings would accomplish? They'd be converting in droves. Cowardice will be our undoing, I'm so ashamed .
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Feb 9, 2010