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White coral sand twixt my toes, azure Caribbean sea and warming sun to restore me. No dogs, crying or complaining ..anything to disturb me as I read Zelazny. Paradise!
Education: What it sounds like. Army Vet. Adult.
Interests: Too eclectic to list. I "can" become interested in almost anything if the discussion is intelligent and well reasoned.
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This may seem to veer off topic, but bear with me... I hate to see good players like Maclin treated that way by "bottom line first" corporate types in the Eagles' front office. I wish I could say this kind of thinking is the exception, but it's not. Rewards are few for players who really put it all on the line every time they play for the good of a beloved team and its fans. It's no wonder that some players aren't living up to expectations. Why should they? If they're getting paid their contract money and they know management is just going to treat them like meat gone bad as soon as someone younger and cheaper with any kind of raw skill at all comes along, why risk their bodies? Why put forth the extra effort for crappy, money-first management like the Eagles, the Colts, the Packers, where money is the most worshipped god and players who DO go that extra mile are just as expendable as everyone else. Look what happened to Brett Favre, and I mean REALLY look at it. Despite the career he had, after bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to "Titletown" (after decades of dismal defeat), after never missing a start, even after the loss of his own father (in the game he played the next night the Raiders fans, in THEIR HOUSE, gave Favre a lengthy standing ovation when he entered the field), after he voluntarily and repeatedly gave up millions upon millions of dollars of his own salary to help Green Bay build a better team under the salary cap, what was his "thank you" from new management for years of too-generous mentoring, passion and utterly selfless dedication? Thompson, McCarthy and Murphy figured Favre had prepared Rodgers well enough and Rodgers was making noises about starting elsewhere if he had to play backup another season, so despite promises made on both sides that Favre would retire IN Green Bay, as was his one request after ALL he had given the team (multiple millions of dollars plus his body, heart and soul from the day he came to Green Bay as a very young man). he was instead shown the door and covered in buckets of bloody lies by some slick-talking New York/Washington DC PR man with major connections to the White House. Ted Thompson, Mark Murphy and Mike McCarthy "thanked" Favre with broken promises, outright lies and years of extreme attacks, character assassination (and personal intimidation?) at the hands of an exceedingly well-connected PR guru--former Prez Bush's Spokesman, Ari Fleisher, who was hired by the Packers organization to "spin" the media in Green Bay's favor while throwing as much at Favre as possible in hopes that some would stick.* Sadly, with a minority of all too credulous so called Packers fans the ploy worked and Favre was denied the retirement he deserved. This little number retirement ceremony that has Rodgers so upset he hasn't been able to PLAY right for WEEKS (at least that's the excuse of the moment) is far too little far too late as the stragglers at last come to join the enlightened majority, all these years later, but expect neither apologies nor truth from Packers management. So ask yourself one thing. If the Packers had nothing to hide, why ALL THAT EFFORT AND MONEY SPENT TO DESTROY FAVRE'S IMAGE? Former Presidential Spokesmen with Washington DC and Whitehouse connections to the press corps do NOT come cheap. Packers management KNEW what they had done was a violation of trust of the highest order if not an overt contract violation. What they did stunk to hell and gone and they knew it. So rather than try to make it right, they made it MORE WRONG, and they decided to set a precedent which is as follows: No player better EVER stand up to NFL management EVER again. If we (NFL and management) can do THIS to BRETT FAVRE in GREEN BAY and THOSE FANS (who are also owners of the team) let it happen, it can happen to you. And so it has been ever since, and so far they've gotten away with it. Players (with the exception of Tom Brady, who is either very brave, very foolish or VERY egotistical) got the message. And the NFL has been, I believe, irretrievably broken ever since. (And you thought I only brought Favre up because I was an overwrought fan.) The NFL is all about power, controlling players, youth and above all else, making and saving money now. If someone can even approximate what a proven veteran player can do and they're willing to do it for less (for starters anyway) greedy management will bite the hand that got them where they are without conscience (it's a business now, remember, not a sport) and pretend to hold the moral high ground as they do so. RARELY does the person with the most money hold any kind of moral ground at ALL! It makes me wonder what's really happening with other teams, like New England (repeatedly) and also with officiating as regards big money betting. The business end of the NFL is out of control. They are too rich and too powerful, and that includes the officials, who have virtually ZERO accountability for the game changing "mistakes" they make that turn the tides of games (and bigtime sports betting in Vegas). I don't even want to think how much those officials make, on or off the books. So yeah, I feel VERY badly for what happened to Maclin after his excellent season with the Eagles. He absolutely deserved to be treated better. That decision was a loss for the Eagles, their fans and most of all for Maclin, who should have been secure coming off such a great season of play...but we saw it coming. The first shot in this war was fired in 2008 in a small town in Wisconsin and it was aimed at the heart of the of the NFL. Not just one player, all players. Signed, Forever 4 Favre *Sources: Green Bay Press-Gazette, Green Bay Packers public records, Various interviews of involved parties over the years on broadcast and cable news and sports networks and their related websites, NYTimes, WAPost, Sports Illustrated, etc. and etc. A simple Google search of Packers and Ari Fleisher will bring up plenty of legitimate sources.
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Nov 20, 2015