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Lipstick Chronners, you are fun! It was so eye-opening to discover how much doing this piece affected me. I mean, dreams. Dreams like I haven't had for years. Dreams about the dream that IS sex in your late teens, early twenties. When he called me "Bird." No one has called me "Bird" in thirty years. Such a Fountain of Youth aspect. I saw SO clearly how dangerous this all could be. Which was FANTASTIC for my novel and my character, but I did the Take Your Vitamins thing and backed far, far off. I will also say that Kalish's research shows that rekindled romances lead to HIGHLY successful marriages. That's why I felt justified in letting my character get back with her after realizing that she had the same power that he did: to make him feel young and filled with possibility again. Potent stuff all around.
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Jul 23, 2011