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I've felt this way too. My 17yo was born dead, but with CPR and 4 units epinephrine he was revived, then miraculously only spent 8 days in NICU- although they warned he would be blind, deaf and mentally retarded. Then he passed the vision and hearing tests. At 4, he still didn't know his ABCs. Three months later he read "Hop on Pop." So who knows? I was homeschooling- my oldest is on the Spectrum and wasn't ready for K. At least, I wasn't ready to test what would happen if I sent him to school. He was reading Chronicles of Narnia and Swiss Family Robinson, and I was afraid he'd get bored and cause behavior problems. Both grew up. The Spectrum kid started NYOS at age 13 as a Freshman (damn September birthdays) and was fine, academically and socially, but not awesome. So I pulled him out at age 15 and home schooled one more year. Then we moved here, and I enrolled him as a junior. So he graduated finally age 18, and took ANOTHER gap year by joining the Marine Reserves. By the time he starts his freshman year of college he'll be nearly 20. OTOH, the younger brother who was nearly dead ended up graduating high school at age 16. He's now taking a few gap years probably. Maybe he'll never get any more education. IDK. He's brilliant. A little apraxia, but brilliant. He's an artist, musician, novelist, writer of short stories, poems. He's a cartoonist. Illustrator. Improv comedy wonder. But how was I going to know all this when they were not even 5? I had to make the choice for what seemed best *right then* and I just keep doing it that way. When the oldest was "fine" but not wonderful at school, we just dealt then. When the next was hating school at 16 because it was boring and he had interests that were being squashed- I pulled him out and gave him a homeschool diploma. The thing is, we have ALL KINDS of choices. Frankly, I never had the guts to put ANY kid of mine in anything until they were much older- 8 or 9 for some of them. I have a 7 and 9yo right now who are quite happy still at home. The others all asked around age 8 to try school for a year- only one wanted to stay, and stay he did until he got bored at age 16 and quit. If your gut says to enjoy his preschool years one more year, then do it. My neighbor across the street has a boy who will turn 5 just a week before school starts, too, and has the same questions as you without the health history to complicate it further. She's putting him in a summer school program to see how he does- he does well, he'll start K there in the fall. She's thinking it's more likely he'll do a PreK year in the fall and then K the next year. I have two September boys and an August boy, so I totally get your angst. (The August boy, btw, went to public school at age 9 and went into 3rd grade and was moved up to a 4th grade class within a week.....)
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May 17, 2013