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cuz he's the worst businessman I have ever know and he is wack on the MIC. I guess TIP was just referring to rich mcs cuz Nas is here and cuz a n**** ain't rich like em he forget him. innit?
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Aug 11, 2010
Nas is the GOAT we all know that. Better than all these cats out there, including fuckin jayZ.
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The biggest even on the planet. and you ain't give a fuck, would it have been BB where people fly over people that you give a fuck. Man go learn about sports.
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We all know Nas is the greatest imma from Africa and he is the only one who RAP about life and knowledge,jay z always talk about himself. yo man fuck it Nas we all know is better than a lota cats there naw, bp3 of jay z is all about himself, Distance Relative is abouta life, aw mean real life. fuck the cars the money all we need is one mic to speak the words to em.
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Jun 5, 2010