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So Freddy Galvis is a secret gymnast? Wow!
Please please PLEASE let this be true!!!
Jimmy is right. It has to get done. No excuse. If he walks it'll be the biggest F up by a GM since Ed Wade gave us all the Astros for free.
Surprising - I would have pegged Boyle as a homophobe.
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2012 on Where's Scott Hartnell?! at Crossing Broad
HAHAHAHAHA! Something tells me if we did this their fans would complain about what jerks we are because, you know, everything bad about their team and why they haven't been good is all our fault.
What Vic said is exactly what people wanted Werth to say & do. He didn't & that's why he is booed. There are players out there who do this & these are the players Phillies fans want.
I'm happy for him. He's a good guy & wanted to keep playing. Nothing wrong with that.
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2012 on Raul Ibanez, a Yankee at Crossing Broad
I think "feels Miami" is a polite way of saying it looks Hispanic.
excellent! On a side note: I forgot what a tart his wife is until I saw this.
This sounds completely believable to me. Booze and whores are exactly what you need after something so awful.
Does "hauled his ass down" mean she pursured him aggressively or that she likes ass play? That's the real question.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2011 on Sarah Palin Slept with Glen Rice at Crossing Broad
This is the kind of shit they need to tweet all the time.
Kyle I'm really glad you're ok but I gotta say the most horrific part of this story is that Ms. CB (or any woman for that matter) finds Adam Joseph appealing. He screams femme. But she chose you so I guess we'll give her a pass. Sadly I think the lesson here is never leave Delco (oh the horror!). Never lost power & my only threat of bodily harm was my constant drinking.
Well what do you expect them to do? Clinging to this win is all they have. They hate us like we blindly hate Yankees fans and, if we're honest, we only really hate Yankees fans b/c we're jealous of their team's success.
It's like he's 15. He can't cook & lives with his parents. I wonder if he has a hiding place where he takes chicks to dry hump & makeout.
I said it before and I'll say it again - Pencey's ex isn't even that hot. He can do way better and he absolutely will very soon if he's not already. While reading her tweets about how Hunter would be thrilled to go to Philly and how she's heard it's so beautiful here in the fall - I remember thinking "who the fuck said she's even invited to come here with him?" clearly, I wasn't wrong.
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2011 on Morning Wood: Malpractice at Crossing Broad
Caption: "I wonder where I can get some good pussy after this jog..."
I'm going tonight. Cannot be more pumped to see what happens in RF.
Jesus! Who let Danny Bonduce & Kyle Kendrick in? Faux pas!
Awww a fat Kristin Lee picture. She looks good now. Trimmed herself up nice. Just wanted to point that out b/c I love her.
I'd like to try and recreate his face. Does anyone volunteer to let me beat them in the face with a bat for about an hour? That should do it.
No I agree it's time for JoePa to hang em up. He should be involved in any other way he wants to until he drops dead but as head coach he needs to step aside. He'd be great continuing to recruit & advise but that's what his role should be now. As an alumnus, it hurts me to say that but it's true. As much as he means to me, I can't be blind to his declining state.
Just what I always wanted - a McDonald's-branded Phillies shirt. What are the odds the Phillies McFlurry is better than the Shamrock Shake? I say not good.
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2011 on Your Monday Morning Roundup at Crossing Broad
I almost didn't make it through the whole video. I'm disgusted. Oh - and I still think Lincecum wasn't sick.