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Terrific ruminations, John. I always enjoy reading your in-depth, logical and dare-I-say passionate analysis. I need to absorb your categorization a bit more to see if there are flavors of passion that are missing, but I have a few other thoughts: 1. At the risk of getting even more meta with this post, I think there is another underlying semantic question, and that is, how do we define "performance improvement" or "getting to the next level"? In my discussions with people, I've found numerous metrics for performance improvement: monetary gain (i.e., getting a raise), moving up in a company hierarchy (i.e., getting promoted), receiving awards and recognition for superior performance relative to others...There are probably more that I'm missing. Regardless, I'm wondering if the way one defines passion should be coupled to the way one defines performance improvement. 2. I do think it's possible for one person to experience multiple forms of passion. For example, I can experience the passion of the fan related to music, but also the passion of the explorer related to digital business or travel. Our definitions of passion probably depend on context, and may change over time. We've got lots of hats we can wear, and we change them as needed. 3. I'm a huge fan of the 2x2, and guilty of using them excessively. In the diagram you've shown above, I'm wondering about learning vs. contributing. In particular, it doesn't seem to me that an explorer would necessarily care about impact...the journey of learning could be satisfying enough. Maybe the zone for each passion type is more diffuse in your matrix (i.e., region as opposed to point)? Just a thought. Anyway, thanks again for a thought-provoking article!
It's great to follow your journey...It helps those of us a few steps back on the path. Good luck as you ALL make the transition into new ways of life. I've known you longer than everyone but your parents, my friend, and I know you're well suited to the task. And if there are times when it's too much, remember there are people light-years away int he East Bay who might be willing to pitch in...
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