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I remember this episode and it is a pee-in-the-pants laugh! Thanks for the reminder. And you remind me of how I had my diaphragm wrapped in a kleenex in my handbag (because I forgot the case) when I had to go through a courthouse security checkpoint. I had jumped into the bathroom to take it out before I went in because it was bugging me and you know how you had to leave them in a certain amount of time after sex - ugh, I hated those. Anyway, they DID see it, and I WAS humiliated (Catholic, too) and your post had me peeing in my pants laughing remembering the whole thing, plus WKRP! What a great show that was!
1. the most wonderful son on the planet! 2. technology and all it gives me on a daily basis 3. having my own home office 4. finally finding the perfect paint color for my home! 5. my health and feeling and living much, much younger at 54 than my mother did!
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Aug 23, 2011