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bjjgrappl ingdummy
The BJJ Grappling Dummy Determine Your Level of Experience The level of experience you have is one way – arguably the most important way – to make a determination as to if a BJJ Grappling Dummy is a good investment for you. Fact remains that if you possess a higher-grade belt, a grappling dummy is likely not going to be a good investment. If, on the other hand, you are a novice, a grappling dummy can prove to be an invaluable investment that will help you to learn in your pursuit of a higher-graded belt. Possibly the “muscle memory” aspect is among the most purposeful reasons to invest in a grappling dummy. If you are a white belt and you are rolling, often you will find yourself stopping to consider submissions and sweeps – how you should do them and when you should do them. If you invest in a grappling dummy, it helps to provide you with “muscle memory” so you no longer have to hesitate in making the “how” and “when” decisions. I’ve watched a lot of training videos, and while it’s a useful pursuit, once you get back to physical training, you tend to forget the more important details, or possibly you even forget the complete move you watched on video. On the other hand, with a dummy, as you practice, you establish “muscle memory.” So, I tend to watch videos to ensure that I’m performing each move correctly before moving onto working out with the grappling dummy. All that said, again, if you are a novice and you do wish to put in the work, a grappling dummy could prove to be a very prudent investment to you. If, on the other hand, you are a higher grade, a dummy will be unlikely to prove so helpful. Your Budget Like anything else that you’re considering making an investment in, with regards to a training dummy, you must weigh up the total amount of your available budget in comparison to the amount of use you feel you will gain from making an investment in a training dummy. What Are Your General Buying Habits? You need to answer this question with honesty or you will inevitably waste your hard-earned. Do you often invest in stuff, use it for a short time, then forget about it? If so, chances are high that the same thing will happen with a training dummy. In which case, wise to save your cash. Many people make a sizable investment in a training dummy, after which, the dummy is simply left to gather dust. What I did, and this increased my own dependence on using the dummy, is to learn more about specific drills such as passes, submissions, et cetera. List them down, together with the webpage URL. Then I view the individual video I wish to focus my practice on, and get to work. This way, I know exactly what I need to use the dummy for – the grappling dummy always has a valid purpose.
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Mar 28, 2017