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Bjorn Gruenwald
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Jeff, I have read your blog and everything you are talking about I agree with and have implemented. Everything works very much as you describe. The system is called the Hilbert Engine. I am the inventor of the technology and my name is Bjorn Gruenwald. Through the Hilbert Engine, all data are coordinate transformed into a numeric space. Because of their quantitative nature, they provide for a well defined context and require far less processor operation in analysis. Since the data are numeric, they serve as their own index. The system accumulates context since data not only find data, but also create new emergent properties, which are added to the vectors. All of this contributes to provide the overall system a much smaller footprint than traditional implementations. Hilbert is therefore ideally suited for real-time operation. Our company, Hilbert Technology, Inc., is working on a number of high level government projects here and abroad directed at the most complex problems. I'd be interested in meeting with you with our CEO. I can be contacted through my private e-mail Looking forward to talking about both our ideas in much more details with an eye toward developing new innovative solutions embodying our mutual ideas. Bjorn
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Dec 3, 2010