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Glad to see this topic getting some air time. Meetings in most places, regardless of purpose, are usually pretty traditional. Most people if asked, would say they abhor meetings. Millions of dollars are expended by having people sit in meetings. Boredom reigns in many meetings. The idea of flipping them or better said perhaps, redesigning them with people in mind, makes good sense. I wrote about this a few years back in when having a conversation with principals on a learning team I was facilitating. Some of them were wondering what meetings could look like if technology was integral. Thanks for creating conversation around this.
Great job on articulating your rationale. I've been one of those people who says tablets are better suited to consumption than creation. I've used an ipad personally for over a year - just switched to an ipad 2. I use a laptop and a smartphone. I never described myself as being 3:1, I'll use that now, thanks. What I like about the smartphone and tablet is the instant on, simple to use apps. I rarely use my laptop at night any more, the phone is my first grab, the tablet second, depending on what I'm doing. I find I need the phone to tweet snippets from what I'm reading on the tablet 'cause the multitasking capabilities just aren't very good yet. The laptop is far better suited to serious work with multiple apps simultaneously. Even in conferences, workshops... I like to split screen my laptop with tweetdeck on one side, Onenote on the other. I take notes in Onenote, copy/paste snippets into tweetdeck. I've tried to flip back/forth on the ipad - way to frustrating. To work with video, presentation creation, etc., laptop - too slow / inefficient to do on the tablet. Serious writing, including blog writing, the laptop. To read/comment on blogs, tablet or phone. Email - any of them. Twitter scan/reply, any of them. Facebook, same. But... for student learning, my way of working shouldn't drive how they work. You may be on to something with your approach. I just wish the price of tablets would get into the $200 range to make it more affordable for schools to buy. With limited funds we're forced into decisions to buy pre-owned desktops which work great but have no mobility or ability to run tablet type apps. Thanks for sharing, in a transparent way, your thinking.
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What a great story of the power of digital networks. It's really an amplification of the "I told two friends and they told two friends and so on...". A teacher in my District, Jen Whiffin, discovered Kiva about the same time and wove it in very similarly to you with her grade 5 students. Awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing.
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Dec 18, 2010