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If I had to chouse a character to relate to in avatar it would probably be Max. I relate to him because 1. He is one of the friendliest people in the movie and I try to be friendly to every one. 2. He seems to be really in to what he does which I am also am, even if it isn’t as exciting as driving an avatar (which is now the job we all wish we had). 3. Also he helps a lot, and doesn’t necessarily get all the glory. And lastly he does look up to some one, he just doesn’t show it (Grace), and I don’t try to show the people I look up to, that I look up to them.
i know this is off topic, but does any one know where to get signed Avatar posters by James cameron, or how to get James to sign an Avatar poster?
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Jan 15, 2010
i hope that avatar makes more than 2 billion, and maybe the next moive to beat it out will be avatar 2!!(or what ever the next one will be called)
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Tell me what u think of my idea (first post on this page).
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For my last post, i meant all the parts of Pandor's wild life that we wont see through the other moives, because of course it will be more exciting to explore Pandora with Jake and Neytiri on an adventure:)
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Hummm, i think over all it would not be a good idea to make it into a tv series. I mean ya sure star gate worked but that was verry well set up for the idea of a tv show (being able to dial to other planets, and explore them). But then there are things like the Terminator, The sarra conner cronicals (sorry for crappy spelling), where it had 1 really good season,and half of another but then kinda draged on. I think If they do make it a tv show then they should make them indivual storys that u can just pick up on at any time (like Star Gate, u dident really have to see every episode to know what was happining) instead of The Terminator (where if u missed an episode u were compleatly lost). In every topic of another avatar moive people keep saying they want to explore pandora more, so maybe instead of it even having a story it coiuld be about pandora. Like The War documentry PBS did about wwII, it was a 7 part mini searies, but instead of wwII it could be about the wild life of Pandora. Not have any charicters or any thing but have Grace narate it from a human scientice point of view. also for it to be any good it would have to be directed by James Camron. But over all I dont think it would be good to make a whole tv seiries out of it. P.S dont worry they will make more moives for Avatar, for all thoes who said it would take the place of a moive franchise. (sorry about all my mis spellings)
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does any one know when the DVD or Blue ray realse is?
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i dont think that a sex scene would "will forever cheapen and lessen the otherwise marvelous message and the character of the heroine we have all come to know and love, and least important, will damage sales", or chage our opion of Neytiri from," Neytiri as a pure spirit, as someone in tune with the highest ideals of her people," for a number of reasons 1. they probly wont include it in the reagual dvd/blue ray, it will either be in the special features or the specila addittion DVD/blue ray, so basically it wont heart sales because u will have the choice to watch it or not, so younger veiwers wont see, or their parents will have the choice to let them watch it. 2. i dont think it will "will forever cheapen and lessen the otherwise marvelous message " becacause if the scene was done correctly, not over done, then it will be beatutiful.Also sex is a part of nature, and the MESSAGE of the moive, to take a step back and look at nature. 3.lastly i dont think that it would change our opinion of Neytiri, as long as the scene isent crude, or like i said before, over done, u can still respect her, because all u r seeing is the intense love and bond between jake and Neytiri.
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u guys need to read the pevious comments, because u keep repeating what other people said, no a bad thing its just cool that we share the same ideas.
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I want to see lots of stuff that was left out too, agree with 96mermaid. and connecting their queues is not accualy how the have sex, its just highly erotic, and spiritual. So... there is more that happens that in the Activist Survival guide says that is like "humans and other mammals".
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reponse to Kevin Green's last post I agree with your comment, i said some of the same exact things earlyer about how the tribal wars would be a step down and every thing. Althow on the other hand Technology isent eveything, the humans were very small in numbers compaired to the Na'vi, so a tibal war with a new tribe that we mabye havent been introduced yet that vastly out numbers all the current ones we know about could be intresting. I had some story ideas later back but their just for fun.
will some one put a new comment up?!
First off there should defiantly be a seconded Avatar movie. From what I have seen and heard in interviews James Cameron he said if Avatar made enough money (which it has, over 600 million) he would make a second one. Like most people I can’t wait to satisfy my thrust for more about the Avatar world, relationships, and culture, but at the same time I don’t want him to rush and turn out a sequel like most sequels that is half hearted and obviously rushed, and brings a degrading blow to the name of the first one. James Cameron also said the next amazing feet was to make an Avatar movie I half the time, which makes me slightly worried, but I have faith in him and his ideas. On the other hand of taking his time, I don’t want him to take another 15 years to make another one, I’ll be in my thirties if that happens. As for sequel ideas, I read every post, and loved most of the ideas. I liked the whole thing about tribal feud or something, but I don’t think it would hold up to the original, where it was 1000 to 1 odds, and they were fighting gunships with bows and arrows. Although, it would let for viewing more of Pandora’s inspiring landscape, Na’vi culture and connection to nature, and Jake’s and Neytiri’s relationship, which I would love to hear and see. I also like the idea about an avatar army that’s grown and they could battle the Na’vi. Lastly I like the idea about a rival company for the RDA, maybe a “green” one, and the humans redeeming themselves, many weren’t bad, just mislead ( although there were trigger happy morons, and mercenaries). I don’t think the RDA should come back, if they just sent them away. They may have the means to blow and obliterate every living thing within 30 clicks of Hells Gate from the ISV in the sky, but that’s not much of a story. I think the RDA should find another planet, moon, or asteroid that is uninhabited and has Unobtanium and just realize that its easer to just mine it there (there are lots of reasons why they couldn’t come back that’s just one). As for the equipment they had to leave behind in hells gate it probably not that big of a deal for the largest and richest company in the world, and it looked like they brought a lot of stuff back with them. I like the base of the idea for the Na’vi to learn about some of the technology left on hells gate, but those things will wear out, and run down over time, and I would rather the movie concentrate on the Na’vi’s connection and living in unison with nature. I really don’t have what it takes as a writer to create ideas and story to live up to the first Avatar movie (at least not yet). Maybe there could be a tribal feud with another Na’vi tribe or tribes so when another company or government (human or Alien) comes to colonize Pandora (and take its resources) they don’t have the help of all the tribes to beat them. Then humans can redeem themselves by helping the Na’vi unite then fight the enemy. Or Have the whole conflict stay within Pandora’s atmosphere. Where a Na’vi tribe or maybe a beginning of a Na’vi nation, from another continent comes and then there is a shortage of resources because of the new tribe’s large numbers and the new tribe doesn’t care. Then there is conflict. Basically all the new story has to have is Jake, and Neytiri, Pandora’s amazing landscape, the Na’vi and there unison/connection with nature and a new villain to create conflict (I would still watch a second avatar movie if there was very little no conflict, I just don’t think it would be as amazingly breath taking as the first.) Note: I doubt that anyone important related to the production to the movie looks at this blog (or at least seriously) , but they should, listing to the people will let you bring them what they want to see, and there are some amazing and original ideas on some of these kinds of blogs and sites. If there was one thing I could tell James Cameron it would be, by creating motives like Avatar he and his peers inspire thousands (me being one of them) to become interested in film making.
I hope they keep the next film on pandora, can u tell me where u heard he was making a 2nd one, i am always trying to fing more info on Avatar and what it might become.
The glowing dots are in patterns unique to each individual, and allow for identification of fellow clan in the dark up to 20 meters
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