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Dear brothers and sisters who have been strong members in this forum. I have been following most of your contributions keenly and I really want to thank you all for the war of words you all are putting forward for the struggle and freedom of our land from the hands of LRC. I must thank Ma Mary, Rexon, Akoson, Watersih, Fon and many others for your brilliant war of words. As Southern Cameroonians, we're all fighting for a common purpose, the liberation of our land from the hands of foreign invaders. No matter whatever time it will take to fight this common enemy, all we know is that we will prevail and overcome the enemy. This enemy is within range and we all just have to stick our minds and heads together to get rid of him. I am in China and I've been here for close to six years. I'm educating every Southern Cameroonians out here to understand our course of struggle, why we must fight for our land, why we must stop being second-class citizens, why we have to be educated in our own Universities without the use of guns, why we have to enjoy our natural resources, why we have to strive as a country that was brutally brought into an unholy marriage with LRC. Many are getting the message deep down their souls and a lots more need to be fully doctrined over and over before the message goes through. In this respect, I'll need to have the e-mail addresses or contact numbers of some people in this forum, like Ma Mary, Rexon, and Akoson. Please you can reach me using this e-mail address: I'm just pleading with you please that we have to do something now and not tomorrow. There have been so many torrows and no work done. Our brothers are being killed right on our own soil by colonial agents. People, it is our land, we have become beggars in our own houses. This has to come to an end. This has to stop and the way to stop this is now. We have more grounds to break. Please we need to do something before we being caught in the arms of this enemy. Thanks to you all; Blackcat.