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Ray, have you not bothered to stop by my place to read my posts about the German press and media's coverage of the G8 Summit at Heiligendamm? I don't just write about life in Germany over at Jörg's place you know (the Atlantic Reivew). I would recommend you read my piece on the BILD Zeitung June 1st frontpage racist debacle (Spezialausgabe on Afrika) under the careful guidance of Chefredakteur-for-a-day Sir Bob Geldorf. Then you can move on to other articles in the pipeline for this week at the G8 Summit including my latest on the G8 Rumble in Jungle (Rostock) this past weekend. Thanks for that link to Bush's pre-G8 Summit 2007 speech delivered in Washington on May 31st. news had what appeared to be only a summary of the U.S. development aid strategy speech courtesy of the U.S. State Department press office. Yes, the German media is (finally) in the international spotlight due to the upcoming G8 Summit and the associated violence and other circus activiites going down over here, so work hard to be fair and accurate in your accusations. I will be pointing the media gatekeepers in your direction this week, so behave yourself. Bill @ Jewels in the Jungle