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Christopher Michael Hughses
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Jun 6, 2010
I am completely awestruck by James Cameron's Avatar. The special effects were a mind-altering experience for me. I love Science fiction and anything to do with science. The person I most closely relate to in the movie would have to be Jane,she's the one who created the Avatar program. I love the fact that they used the DNA from the native Na vi and spliced it with human DNA creating clones of Na vi with human characteristics. I also thought the scenes where it showed Jake climbing into the Bio- chambers, and the scenes of the electrical impulses flowing through the neurological pathways and connecting him to his Avatar host were very futuristic. I think maybe one day scientists will be able to transfer someones consciousness into another living host. Right now I am personally studying neurology and the different hemispheres of the human brain and it's many different components. I would love to see another Avatar movie made, I really want to venture deeper into the world of Pandora. I think that James Cameron should create a dictionary of the Na vi language it sounds so beautiful when the Na vi speak their native tongue. I would also like to go to the E-Bay sites and see the jewelry from the costumes in the Avatar movie. Please send me a message to my E-mail address it's thanks for creating the world of Pandora and taking my mind on such an incredible journey. - Christopher Michael Hughes
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Jun 5, 2010