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You may not speak for everyone, but you sure as hell speak for me! Great write!
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2010 on Atheists and Anger at Greta Christina's Blog
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As usual, I am just enjoying reading your blogs. Lurking, if you will. But I thought you might like to know about something I left for you over on my blog. ;-)
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Brilliant blog! I wish I had your gift for words when it comes to debating religion with people. Maybe I'll just point them to your blog in the future. I also love how you handled "Detox" and their comments. I have to admit, I didn't bother to read past the first couple of sentences of their reply, because ... well, why should I waste my time reading when I already know what they're going to say. I will give them as much respect as they gave to you. ;-)
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Dec 17, 2009