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Well that clearly isn't going to happen. Why should farmers give up compensation part (if not largely) paid for by the sale of their own cattle to make themselves much poorer and likely run themselves out of business for a disease out of control thanks to politicians meddling who've tied farmers hands? I like many want to see a more stable farming sector but, the idea that you can keep lumbering more and more costs onto them whilst forcing them to pay the extortionate rates for vaccination (which I assume you're alluding too) is going to create a viable farming community isn't going to work. “Culling of the badges in Ireland did not end Bovine TB.” -.... but, it's done hell of a lot in controlling it. “Not culling is North Pembrokeshire in the past two year HAS reduced the incidence of the disease.” - It's has similarly decreased in other parts of GB over the last two years. In the long term though (which is the only way you can really look at controlling this disease) TB in Ireland has decreased considerably whereas TB in GB has increased considerably. “But the more distance between the Welsh Government and the farmers unions the better. “ - Why?
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Jun 30, 2011