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Why aren't the police doing a little police work, like dusting the spray paint can and sticker for fingerprints?
God Bless Pamela Geller, the bravest lady I have ever heard of. Thank you for your constant diligence. Without people such as yourself our nation would be another European type conquest for islam.
Another reason to terminate an account with Facebook. We've only ourselves to blame for any infringement of our privacy if we continue to use Facebook after all we now know about Zuckerman/Facebook.
Ditto and Amen to both Armaros and Brandy.
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2011 on West to Hamas-Linked CAIR: "Nuts!" at Atlas Shrugs
This administration aka "the enemy within". I have just written to the House Armed Service Committee about this. God Bless our Soldiers. God Bless you too Pamela for your soldiering each and every day.
We cannot afford to wait for our politicians to acknowledge this war or it will be too late. It will be up to us as individuals to fight this war being waged against us by the islamo/nazis'.
This has got to end. I am sick of our men and women being used as canon fodder for any muslim country. Bring them home now! Let them protect our own borders from our invaders. Didn't pospotus say before he was elected he'd bring our servicemen/women home from Iraq? And yet, why Iraq but not Afghanistan? Indeed he hasn't brought any of them home from anywhere has he. He is, as Pamela says: "the liar in chief".
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2011 on Today's War Dead at Atlas Shrugs
Finally a decent human being serving in office. I wish we had a million more like her across the land.
Muslims are mentally ill and evil to their core. They never seem to run out of new and sicker ways to murder.
English not your first language? You made no sense.
@lilredbird "If the idiots at ABC News had to climb over debris and bodies to get to work this morning, maybe they'd be paying a bit more attention" I don't think they will care until it is their own dead bodies littering the front entrance to ABC News (or any of msm or cable). They only care when it's their own kind. That's where their real sympathy begins and ends. As for the little hijabed sluts in the crowd? They were probably part of it.
by Moonbeam: "The Gulf Coast Oil rig explosion was deliberate. Onoz has called out the swat teams to protect the other oil rigs. We are in very serious trouble NOW!" I want to comment on that. The first report of this explosion I heard was from Fox News right after it happened. It was said at that time that survivors mentioned seeing several men getting in to life boats right before the explosion. I thought right away: "jihad"...I have not heard one single mention of this again! I know I did not imagine this. Back to the topic, I wonder, why don't the family's of these service men and women who were murdered by this muslim jihadist band together and call a news conference to demand something be done about this treatment by the O-zero administration? They shouldn't have to and it's further maltreatment of them for it to come to that. I think Gates is a POS too, he wouldn't even use the word muslim when talking about it.
Yay Superwoman aka Pamela Geller! I am pre-ordering 2 copies, one for me and the other to be mailed to my mother! We're both big Pamela fans!
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on Look! Book! Pre-Orders Get Priority! at Atlas Shrugs
I wish I had an account there. I would love to be able to tell them why I was leaving and taking my money with me.
I am still a-quiver with happiness! Thank you thank you thank you Pamela (& Robert & Frank & attorneys). Pamela you have more gumption in your pinky finger than most people have in their whole bodies! You're awesome!
Pamela & Friends here, I just opened my first PayPal account and gave what I could. I encourage everyone, please, give what you can. It is time we supported Pamela's herculean effort with whatever we can. Words and atta boys are great but it doesn't pay the lawyers. Pamela we love you and I agree with whomever wrote this: "Pamela for President!"
Praise the LORD and pass around the offeriing plate now! I am on my way to set up a PaY Pal account so I can donate to the cause!
This past weekend pospotus ridiculed the Tea Party protesting that we are taxed too much. He had the audacity to say he lowered taxes and the Tea Party folks should be thanking him! I noticed every local newsapaper noted this and said they checked back and it was true, he did lower taxes: $400 per taxpayer and $800 for couples. No one bothered to mention the Tea Party is talking about all the new taxes zerO is putting on us real soon for his obummercare and once he gets his Cap and Trade you might as well stop working and go on the dole too so we can crash our society that much sooner. This socialist mobster and his buddies in the W.H. are crooks and liars and the elections can't come soon enough.
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2010 on READ MY LIPS! at Atlas Shrugs
I can't speak for the muslim world but in my world 6 cell phones all containing the same womans nude pictures would make her a slut and or a prostitute, 6 of one, half dozen of the other. Just wondering where all this self rightousness comes from? I am sick to death of these hypocrits, as much as I am sick to death of zer-O.
Awesome! Great work! I am relieved to see only a website address and not a physical address. We all know what the devil worshippers would do with that don't we? As in send a bomb right on over to appease their death cult mentality. Or perhaps it would be a shooter to get the job done? You are always the brave one Pamela, and you stand for what is right and good. You're an inspiration for all.
I pray for the day when we will all see the news break on TV where Zer-O is handcuffed and being lead away to be tried for the numerous crimes he has committed against this country.
Pamela, I sing your praises every day and I thank GOD for you. I wish it were you and not Sara Palin who could be running for President soon. You do more for the survival of this country in one day with your little pinky finger tied behind your back than she has done with her whole body (in her entire political career). She is a light weight, and dare I say it? a "plastic person" when compared to what you have done. That said...I want to say to Josh: God Bless you and your country. Please continue to keep us informed. I had no clue as to what was going on there until Pamela began reporting it. Our MSM could care less, they are in bed with whatever destroys GOOD in this world.
I am not Jewish either and I wholeheartedly agree with everything Laura wrote. I am inspired now to write my own letter to Israel. Off I go...!
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2010 on Delicious at Atlas Shrugs
They certainly got the very best!
esth2012 is Michelle O. and SarahStormRpt is George Soros. These savages are no better than islamic terrorists.