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Now my feelings are hurt.
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2011 on A Brief Note on Friendship at The Novelist's Hubris
Weird how you don't mention Tony being called out (unfairly) for being "condescending." Your call as a journalist is what now? To keep it all polite even when it isn't? You know I love you Kent but glossing is glossing. Reporting is commenting. I mean you want to talk about provocation, maybe you shouldn't uh, ignore it? Just a thought.
there _is_ a huge upside to anger, you know. this huge gulf between how things are & how they could be- the recognition of this (without turning away from it)- for me that's a furious, despairing love of the world. but an act of love even so. & when you take away the fury- it always sounds like the right thing to do- something goes missing with it. some attachment to the world itself. the world as it is. the world as we need it. i mean, i'm saying we lose the love. love without violence, that's just some story we tell each other. it's a super nice story, so we believe it. & everyone that doesn't concur well we know where to put them (they're easy to recognize, they won't shut up, they won't stop screaming). someone's always out there picking up the slack (they're feeling it for everyone) & they're cracked up & going to pieces. i don't know how we go to where they are or how they come back to us. but it's what i want. fury keeps us. not just honest. it keeps us! do you remember coleridge's bit about dejection? what's fine for a part colonizing the whole? well that's, that's the problem! you can't take away the part or someone else gets to take over the city. & even if it's tenderness, it's no more befitting. it's hmm. i think it's disfiguring. ideally everyone is super polite. & like, not much else. & that's what left to knit us to us. prbly not a very eloquent response. i'm not trying to rant or say we should be walking around pulverizing the world (to show it that we care, yo). just: we try real hard to repair via subtraction. but there's a problem w/ that system. & it always ends the same way. something dishonest creeping in. & pushing us out.
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Feb 20, 2011