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Soon, surely. Still a bit young and raw in Klinsmann's eyes probably. But having a great year. He must be being watched at least.
New England paying the least - imagine that.
Exciting to see Atlanta make some progress in acquiring Wynalda. It could be a good market given the write influence and hope to see the success of these players transfer to the NASL.
I honestly feel the Union has been the best team I've watched with no wins. Still finding out their formation and gelling...but some definite promise. And yes, I hope the Revs can get something going as well; some pretty play in pre-season, so hopefully coming home will allow them to relax on the ball. Still...East is nothing compared to West...sigh.
Ah yes, that game REPORTED 66238...but who all actually showed up? Not sure. Still think Seattle's feat is more impressive as it wasn't result of a "big signing". Note: Not part of ECS and Seattle's following, but definitely respect their org.!
For regular season (and actually overall), it has to be Kasey Keller's final regular season game with Seattle last year: 64140. Imagine MLS Cup 2002 in New England was close. They were one of the teams, so they had just over 61,000 - hence why I love MLS letting the team in the final with the better record host.
Adding 2,000 only does good if they fill them. But nearing 50,000 is an achievement of its own; fantastic for the league. I think they'd have a better chance if it wasn't Chicago (no offense; good team, but no marquee names), but perhaps it being the first ever MLS game for the city they can read it...but I do think it's asking a bit much.
And agreed with most, we need to keep some style consistent - similar to have Brazil only use plain yellow top, England white top, etc. I don't mind the sash at all, some historical value - but it'd be nice to keep it going than change it up. Hoops...mehhh.
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2012 on Is this the new USMNT away jersey? at Soccer By Ives
I prefer it over the home kit... Not a fan of the hoops
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2012 on Is this the new USMNT away jersey? at Soccer By Ives
Vancouver is shaping up quite well this season... It seems they could be on the opposite end of the table compared to last year this coming season. Excited to see Hassli + Le Toux working together.
This is the most Liga-biased thing ever, and by L'Equipe?! C'mon. Vidic is quality, but def would not include him in this year's team. And Marcelo?! Def not the best LB...not even top 3 for me. RvP a definite snub...
I can't help but think Lampard will stay and retire at Chelsea. Much like Giggs has become a part of United.
I believe it was May 6, 1998: Los Angeles 7-4 win over the Colorado Rapids. I don't think there has been a game that high since...could be wrong.
Yeah, I truly hope to see him not rushed back just because Bolton aren't getting results... But it'll be interesting to see if Holden can play WITH Torres under could help create the much need offense and end product we've been lacking as of late.
As an Arsenal fan, it would be nice to have a fighter and proven player come add depth to our squad. However, as a USMNT supporter, I think it would hinder his playing time and performance for national team games. If he comes to AFC, which is HIGHLY unlikely, I would love to finally have a Yank to support. However, I really don't see Arsenal buying him, especially after signing Park today. It's best for him to stay at Fulham and continue to play most of the matches, or PSG could be good - especially with their new CB pairing. Solid team being built.
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Aug 30, 2011