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To put it politely, Congress jumped the shark when job creation became a primary goal of patent reform. Are they going to count jobs "saved or created"? What about the jobs needed, but not created - in other words, lost - because the PTO doesn't get the benefit of its own fees? Is there some not-so-shovel-ready construction project that will receive the diverted fees and that will magically reduce the application backlog (say, because inventors put down their laptops and pickup shovels) or put Americans in sustainable, high-skill jobs? Here's my proposal - during examination, encourage (or make) inventors include a description on how the claimed invention will create U.S. jobs. Since everyone is entitled to a government-sponsored job (or house - see the 2008 Crash), a "jobs impact statement" makes perfect sense as the new quid-pro-quo. In short, the debate about patent reform has been framed to include the ludicrous.
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Sep 12, 2011