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If I'd have known that losing your job would get us more content - I'd have defamed you to your employer long ago ! Usually in life we do what we get paid for and not what we love. If you can combine the two with this then I'd be delighted for you. Now hurry up and get it started. There's some money burning a hole in my pocket :)
Let no one deter your from your destiny Sir David. We shall follow faithfully. Smart arses and all :)
David is back ! We're gonna LIVE !! Nice episode David. Its so nice that you're back !!
I'm inclined to feel the same. In the abstract - I'd love to know more about how local civilization developed and how the society was organized in pre roman times. But because there is almost no primary source written material - there are no characters to hold on to and thus no real way to bring the various threads together. So the story becomes very impersonal without a cohesive narrative. As for the period of Roman domination - it simply doesn't feel very British. It feels like there was an oasis of imposed roman culture - surrounded by multiple resentful local tribal societies. But there isn't a massive amount of good information describing the relationship between them. This despite the fact that there was clearly plenty of trading going on. Hadrian's wall apparently had quite a bit to do with the collection of taxes/fees for trading with the "roman" population as well as simply keeping the hostiles out. And since I bitched in the past about people not using citations to back up their assertions - here's mine, though this is fairly widespread info :)
Not wild about David Fords writing, construction or content. It felt like a poorly thought out opinion piece,full of broad assertions and no sourcing. I'm aware that citing sources can sometimes break the flow of podcast but really - its not that difficult to weave some of them in. I would actually have balked at reading the script for fear that anyone thought I endorsed it.
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Dec 29, 2014
GREATLY relieved that its read by you !! Its just not the same at all when you have guests come in. Now enough of this holiday nonsense. Cant you just continue to sacrifice your personal life to keep us entertained? We miss you terribly !!
Feel better Mike. Flirt with the nurses and make them laugh . You'll find yourself getting a little more of everything you need . And don't forget to work this pain and trauma into a damn good care package . Your family should understand that only an iPad2 will help you past the wrenching experience of having your appendix torn away :)
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Nov 7, 2011