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Thanks for summarizing the technologies used in this mooc. I like the idea that all students put their work on their own blogs in the mooc. When I was teaching an online course a few years back I had my students create blogs and use that to submit their coursework with their reflections. It worked really well. It also made it really easy for grading of course I had much fewer students. I do like the idea of "guest speakers" for adding a synchronous element to online learning. I used that idea too for extending the learning and to expose the students another point of view. Recording it makes it great for those who can't be there because of work or time zone incapability. Even though I have had to take a break for a while during the course due to career related travels & ordinary life becoming complicated I have been able to keep informed with the newsletter and the google + community. I really rather the google + community than the forum, but than is my personal preference. Also have been wondering WHY more people weren't using Twitter, but I do like Christina's idea of using a twitter chat to get them into Twitter early on- and people can always read the twitter transcript afterwards if interested. I do have to say I am really impressed with how smoothly the course has run and all those involved are doing a great job. Thanks!
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Apr 15, 2013