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RE: "systemic answers capable of effectively turning the vicious circle into a virtuous one" Here are 'answers' framed from the perspective of the commons, This suggests that the commons can indeed inform systemic change, including change that reverses the historical destruction/enclosure of commons. There are a couple of 'howevers', however. Success of a commons-based view of systemic change can be self-defeating in at least 3 circumstances that come to mind: 1. If we assume the language of the commons will make sense outside a self-selected community of commons advocates. Other communities will need systemic change reinterpreted in terms that make sense to them. 2. If we neglect to acknowledge the power and momentum of the perennial worldwide trashing of the commons. What would it take to really turn this around? (See #policyswitch 5). 3. If we remain stuck in green herdthinking traps like opposing economic growth without knowing its current systemic purpose or future systemic potential. (See all #policyswitches, esp #1,3)
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May 5, 2012