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Blog Cops
Do you feel your internet is running slowly even though you are using a service from a reputable ISP? Slow internet makes it impossible to use the web for entertainment-related purposes. There are many reasons why the internet suddenly starts to run slower. A user must identify the real cause of the problem to take effective steps to solve this problem. This article will help you make your internet faster and improve download & upload performance. The following are five simple ways: 1. Reset Internet Settings to Default 2. Optimize Settings for Downloading & Uploading Best Performance 3. Disable Third Party Add-ons & Extensions 4. Scan for Spyware 5. Increase your Internet Package Reset Internet Settings to Default When you install new software on your PC and use the web for various purposes, some settings related to the network change. This ultimately affects your internet connection speed and user experience that requires too much time to download or upload data via the web. So, it is recommended to reset the settings to "Default" to make your internet faster. 1. Open IE. 2. Click Tools | Internet choice. 3. Click the Advanced tab. 4. Click Reset | Reset. Optimize Settings for Downloading & Uploading the Best Performance To improve the performance of downloading and uploading the internet, you must ensure that some important settings are activated. Because this procedure is not simple, users are advised to download internet optimization software. 1. Download the System Utilities software 2. Install and run. 3. Select your internet speed and click the Optimize button. Disable Third Party Add-ons and Extensions Add-ons or extensions are features that are installed in your web browser that provide access to various internet services and operations. Usually, a large number of add-ons make your internet slower and cause your web browser to freeze. 1. Open your web browser. 2. Click Tools | Manage ADD-ons. 3. Select the third-party add-on and click the Disable button. 4. Do the same for all other third-party add-ons that you don't need. Scan for Spyware Spyware infections can also make your internet slower. Download a good anti-spyware software and install it on your computer. Update the definition database and start scanning the entire system. If there are spywares found, delete them. Upgrade Your Connection Package To improve the download and upload performance, you need to update your internet package. Contact your internet service provider and choose a good internet connection package.
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Sep 25, 2018