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Congratulations, Hal.
The experience of the former colonies with the Articles of Confederation led them to conclude in just a few short years that it was unworkable, and that a new founding document -- the Constitution -- was required to forge a nation, and not a league. The framers of the Constitution gave the federal government the powers necessary to make it work. Tom Emmer thinks that the federal government is the "agent" of the states, but that is profoundly foolish, not to mention inaccurate. Conservatives love to talk about the Declaration of Independence as a founding document, but today, is has no force of law. When Jefferson wrote "endowed by their Creator" language, he was writing to George III, who believed in the divine right of kings, so it's silly to read too much into it. But in any event, the Constitution is devoid of any reference to natural law. The word "God" isn't in it; I invite you to look: The Constitution is pure positive law, meaning the act of people, not deities.
Or in the words of the Dependable Renegade: If you're orange and you know it, clap your hands!
Vin said that Demmer would give Walz a "fight." Not "Demmer will win," "Demmer might win," or even "Demmer has a chance." Now admittedly, if the winner at the convention had been Quist, the best that Weber could have offered would have been, "He'll give Walz a scolding." You have to admit that a "fight" is a better showing than a scolding, but it is hardly a prediction of victory. I remember looking at Demmer's legislative record a few years ago; one of his big achievements was the chief authorship of a bill to permit hunters to shine lights onto private property while trying to recover wounded game. This may be a hot issue in Hayfield, but it is unlikely to carry Demmer into Congress.
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Apr 19, 2010