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"Those who seek to cut you down, so they can feel the self-righteousness of believing in their own "correctness". Weed them out, like the cancerous plague that they are. However, keep all of the people who disagree with you, but are healthy and loving."<-- LOVE THIS!! Also I think one of the key points I take away from this is sort of wresting with the idea of one's vocation versus career. Vocation being that "thing" you feel most passionate about and career one's actual job. I think for many our 9-5 job is not exactly what we feel most passionate about or what we feel we were created for. That is not to say it isn't important, as I feel God uses this in many ways in addition to the practicality of being able to provide for ourselves. I hope you continue to the find the strength to keep pursuing the journey of strengthening your vocation.
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2012 on Turning Away from The Abyss at Heresy of the Month
This is a great post. It reminds me of one of your previous posts talking about pride, and how pride comes from dishonesty and not being true to the person God made you to be. I think creativity is exactly the same. God created the entire universe in all of its complexity and intricacy. We are made in his image; therefore, true creativity is a mirror reflection of God. However, the disconnect comes if we deny who we truly are or what God has called us to be. If we’re no longer emulating the source of all creativity, we are emulating in essence the absence of God, because God is creativity. So I don’t think culture forces us to be this carbon copy, but rather it’s giving us what we are asking for. If we aren’t on board with what God wants for us and for our life, because it's scary or hard, we don’t feel complete or adequate so we look for someone to tell us how to feel fulfilled, or at least content enough to get through another day. I feel like this carbon copy creativity is a symptom of a bigger issue, of hurt broken people looking for love, acceptance, and fulfillment from other hurt broken people instead of finding it in the love of the Creative Creator. Perhaps then the only way to find this sincere originality is to open oneself up to be vulnerable to what God made you to be. Not denying and rather chasing the passions and strengths God instilled in us almost can’t help but breed true uniqueness and creativity.
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Jun 14, 2011