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Emily Barnes
Interests: I Like: making things with my hands, getting parcels in the mail, good coffee, semillon/sauvignon blanc, sleeping in, reading trashy novels and biographies, pristine glossy magazines, finding new blogs, walking to work, listening to music (though I never buy CDs), finding new bars in the alleyways of Melbourne, getting dressed up, playing with beads, travelling with my boyfriend, being messy (I call it organised chaos), impractical shoes, bright sunlight although it makes me sneeze, warm weather, being a homebody, rugging up, eating things that are bad for me. <p> I Dislike: being cold, team sports, dishonesty (although I've been known to tell the odd lie, albeit badly), the pressure of exams, shellfish, bad pedestrians, red wine mouth, being corrected, people that keep me waiting, snickers bars, camping (although I'm told I enjoy it when I'm there).</p>