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LaLa Land USA
Just ask me...
Interests: music, design, gaming, my friends, my family, reading, my home, my car and not in that order by any means!
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"he liked it so he put a ring on it" shouldnt perplex anyone after the Beyonce song.. He liked the girl so put a ring on her finger and asked for her hand in marriage... simple :grins:
LOL - very nicely done my friend... and I do NOT apologize for the blue nails either! You're manly enough to sport them :still grining from elf ear to elf ear: Tho I know you didnt need 'em to remember me by...... and just so the readers know.. there WAS a secret message .... And yes, as of the posting of this interview.. the salon has been closed since its cover was blown :ahum - glares slightly at the General:
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ooooo LUV the battle boots.. are those Jimmy's or possibly Christian Louboutin??? Essa, Myst and I wanna pair - can we get them in polished or gold... do they come in a gem studded version as well????
Another great interview.. but I still dont understand why Ian decided to play as an ATM.. I get "wanting to help" but why this way? Why does he want to have a high ratio on battles lost? Why does he want to give away hard earned gold? Typically most ATM's I have found DONT play the game.. they are people that either A) rarely play (ie they just come in and buy land to generate more income that they just let others have .. or.. B) they've left the game completely, but kept land only so others can attack to get gold. In both cases, they dont actively play or have any real interaction with others in the game.. they just decided to "be nice" since the apparently did enjoy the game at some point, but just got tired of it, or no longer had time to really play to do real life being their primary envolvement (vs game being their primary focus in life) Ian appears to be actively playing... so why would an active player, decide to play this way?
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2010 on First Bank of Ian at General Candel's Blog
LOL disregard ... somehow I didnt see that you had already listed "Spitz" :doh!:
More: "Spitz" (spirit) "Baseball" (a player who is being put up on bounty list)
True Paradox -- Storm8 finds out (ie someone doesnt like you and turns you in and they investigate) you run the risk of getting a permanent ban from the game.
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2010 on Websites a'Plenty: KL 102 at General Candel's Blog
I think those were very fun interviews and deff captured the essense of the characters/people :grins: Nice work!
Good question GC! I think one of the things that does make this game so unique is the addtion of Palringo and the ability to communicate outside of the game itself ... This allows people the ability to develope what I consider actual friendships and relationships! The online world gives us all the ability to be "right next to each other" in ways not available even 10 years ago. Friendships and relationships are able to form that otherwise wouldnt have been possible previously. So yes, there are actual real life "away from game" friendships that I and others have personally developed thru this. All starting with "just an iphone game" .. I find this absolutely amazing, wonderful and delightful! As in "real world" situations, the same apply here in this gaming world as well. There are different catagories of friendships that develope.. I have close friends, aquaintances, just people I know etc... I say call 'em as you feel 'em.. a friend is a friend no matter how you met or where your actual physical location is. Otherwise online dating services would have never taken off LOL
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