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Gabor George Burt
Pioneer on meaningful innovation, linking creativity with smart strategy Author of SLINGSHOT: Re-Imagine Your Business, Re-Imagine Your Life
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Mar 15, 2010
Hi Alexander, I appreciate your letter and insights. In response, I would say that the examples I present on my blog are meant more to stimulate discussion and illustrate a certain credo of Blue Ocean Strategy, rather than fully embody its perspective. Case in point, the Coca-Cola vs. Pepsico standoff is revealing because until recently Pepsico defined itself as the number two softdrink company in the world and its strategy was focused on overcoming this inferiority complex. I think it was a monumental readjustment in perspective to open up their vision to businesses which are becoming more relevant to changing lifestyles than their core business. This is what struck me as BOS-type thinking. Your comments are still related to what these two companies are doing in the softdrink business, and I am lauding Pepsico for branching out. Kodak’s example is similar. Part of BOS is to always scan the horizon for upcoming, useful trends. Kodak’s colossal error was that they failed to see the relevance and direct implication of digital photography on their core business until it was devouring it. All blue oceans ahead, Gabor