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Without a doubt, when something horrific happens in other countries, ignorant Americans, undoubtedly white people, have to say something like, "they deserve it!", "America is #1" or some other stupid comments that have no merit or are relevant to the situation. Wasntmedude is the perfect example on why the majority of the world hates our country. And as much as I don't want to rag on FJ cause at least they are trying to make a point with what they believe are valid reasons.... let's break it down: Jay/FJ: DUH, of course it's a third world country. It's corrupt. If anyone tries to do or say anything about it, you die. So yes, America rocks cause we have free speech! And to be clear, Mexico could be like a Canada, but corruption and greed will never give the average citizen the chance at a free education like we American's have a right to. (Yet you still have your white girls-like other races-getting pregnant or working some low income job. That or they can be featured on MTV's Teen Mom- gotta capitalize on that market somehow right?) However, let's be clear, Mexico has the resources, agriculture, business know how and technology platforms to be a super power. If you think corruption can be fixed, go try to change ish at Rampart LAPD. Russell: You're the man! However, my opinion is that the world will always use drugs. I don't see this problem going away anytime soon. I bet all of us know at least one person who uses. ThinkAbout: Hilarious, and so true! Australia and New Zealand are cool like Canada, they keep to themselves, they're smart. I know some Aussies and they are not impressed with us "Dumb" Americans. Everyone's got a stereotype =) Joe: America will never get to that point. We have real law enforcement. Some are pigs, but they enforce the law. You call a cop in Mexico, he's probably the same dude that robbed your house. Dion: I'm gonna have to say.. inappropriate but hella hilarious! I have to go back to Wasntmedude. Everything you wrote can apply to another country, including our own and all races. Therefore your argument sucks. If you were even in a Jr. High school debate you would lose. Sorry but F! (That means Fail, just in case you never made it PAST Jr. High) JoJo: The US has tried. We can land on the moon, but they can't protect the borders. Please think about this one. I think the US wants cheap labor. Just sayin' Ricardo: So I'm 50/50 on your comment. I would say... yes! Help shut down these drug/gang wars! But then I think... this is why the world hates the US, cause they butt in for everything, and the last thing I want to hear is some moron on here saying that now the US is even paying to fix Mexico's mess. And let's not get it twisted. Socorro is right. You don't think the US has a hand in all this. We're right next door for Christ's sake. We're America, we're #1 and perfect remember!? You don't think government has an eye of what drugs go in and out of this country? Jake: You seem to like conspiracy theories. You're skeptical a teacher in Mexico could have a cell phone with video? Shoot, I don't blame you, I don't think teachers HERE can afford a phone w/video the way they get paid! But to get back on track... Consumption at all levels in the US is crazy high compared to other countries. Maybe cause we can afford it, maybe because per capita we are just that ginormous... also probably because here drugs aren't just in poverty stricken communities, but in your local politician's to his country club membership and keys to his Aston Martin. Anyway that was my rant, I'm sure I'll have some ignorant punk comment. -Just educate yourselves before you speak! =) Back to work. In the end... just think of the kids!! lol. (this applies to almost any story/scenario). This video is just a snapshot of craziness that happens all over the world. It could be down the street or 3049 miles away, either way, please have compassion. It makes you human.
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That is awesome!
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I think I just need to live with you guys to eat healthy, lol. YUM!
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