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Let me rephrase my last part. I am NOT going to hide, Scott. You can come find me on twitter anytime you damn well please and we can talk about this. Tasteless and classless, pal. I would say you're better than this, but your blog tends to disagree.
Man, I'm a Flyers fan I and would never wish any kind of harm on somebody. Not only that, I recognize that Crosby is one of the best, if not THE best player(s) in the NHL. Nor would I laugh or mock at someone getting a concussion. I've had one. They are nothing to laugh about no matter how serious or not serious one is. Not only is this post both classless and tasteless, you should be ashamed for writing such trash. You are no different than the drunk jackasses in the 400 level at Citizens Bank Park or at the Linc. You continue to give Philly fans this bad rap for being "classless". The same goes with anyone who makes a joke about Crosby being injured. You can come find me on twitter, I am going to hide. I stand by my comment.
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Jan 7, 2011