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I am a newbie sorta blogger too and let me tell you this. I have learned the hard way too. I think your pancakes are out of this world my daughter would love them and yes she would eat every one in that picture. You are a great mom (even I can tell and I dont know you in person). I was told by my daughter as I finished up a poodle skirt for a girl scout skit that I was a good mommy and when I asked her why she told me cause you make me happy and do things for me that other mommys would just go out and buy and cause you want to make me happy. Now as for you I can see that your kids must think the world for you and all the fun you things you do. And as I see it all the negitive people dont have a life and are jealous cause they didn't think of it first. Now for the healthy side of everything feed your kids what they like and dont let other tell you different :) I had a dr tell me to put my daughter on a veg diet plan and I told her where to stick it cause we love our chicken and steak. So hold your head high and keep blogging and passing on fun memories for your kids and tell the negitive people that you dont have time to read their posts :) Have a great day! ps I am glad I found your blog!
Toggle Commented Apr 27, 2010 on Things Successful Bloggers Do at i am mommy
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Apr 27, 2010