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You may need to upgrade your Flash player by visiting this link Top Analyst Upgrades & Downgrades (AAP, AZO, BAC, C, HFC, IMGN, JAKK, JPM, K, KEG, MEOH, MNST, MS, MYL, SPLS, TWX, WFM) .followHead F0F4F5; border-3px solid 000000; 707678; 184px 0 4px 10zoom:1;clear:both.follow .spot padding-left:31 The floods in Thailand... Continue reading
Apple But its not just hard drives that are causing problems, as the company also cited diminished orders for its Tegra 2 chip that powerstabletsand smartphones. Additionally, the Tegra 2 mobile business declined more rapidly than expected, ahead of devices based on the Tegra 3 processor ramping into production in... Continue reading
Claimed contrast is 100,000:1 max and unMicroOLED: highest density OLED micro-displayiformity is 96%. Grenoble-based MicroOLED has announced a 5.4Mpixel 0.61i. micro-display with SXGA (2,560x2,048) resolution and 16 million colours. Read ourkey LEDtechnology articlescovering white LEDs, colour LEDs, OLEDs, LEDoptics and interior lighting... MicroOLED: highest density OLED micro-display, Depending on how... Continue reading
ASUS was the only major motherboard manucturer to not display motherboards based on the forthcoming Z77 and H77 chipsets from Intel. According to the company, the reason was that they don’t want other manucturers copying them. Instead, theymotherboard CES 2012: ASUS Demos Motherboard for Xeon Sandy Bridge-EP CPUs demonstrated a... Continue reading
To get some load temperatures ASUS let us stress test the card with Furmark v1.9.2 at a resolution of 1920x1080 with the utilities burn-in test. Many of our readers are interested in this card due to the improved thermal performance, so we have some numbers that youll be happy to... Continue reading
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