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As an analogy: IMO it is silly of tablet makers to be comparing and yelling about their bicep sizes and weight lifting ability when the girls they are trying to woo are more interested in something entirely different. My apologies to those who think the analogy is ist but even... Continue reading
Richard Davies wrote: The UK has a good crop of technology pioneers in cloud computing - for exampleElasticHosts, FlexiScale, Flexiant, OnApp - and also some strong government initiatives such asG-Cloud.We will have to see whether this kind of technical leadership converts into swift mass-market adoption or not. !--/ The backup... Continue reading
&8220;In any case, why put Kinect in a laptop? The technology works best when you&8217;re standing back a dozen feet from the sensor, and even then it&8217;s hit and miss &8212; a low-res camera that oAsus Rumored To Be Working On Kinect Ready Laptops top 10 laptopsnly tracks your movements... Continue reading
byWCCF (Pvt) licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unpmotherboard intel Intel Ivy Bridge-EP Xeon with 10 Cores/20 Threads, 30MB L3 Cache Spottedorted License. Diehard PC Gamer and Hardware Enthusiast. I mainly cover the Hardware and Gaming Section on WCCFtech. motherboard intel Intel Ivy Bridge-EP Xeon with 10 Cores/20 Threads,... Continue reading
Apple feels no need to offer lower cost iPhone, says analystWith a belief that consumers will continue to flock to its premium and more capable devices, Apple is unlikely to downscale its smartphones, says Morgan Stanley. Asked about the sustainability of Apples average selling prices and margins for theiPhone, Oppenheimer... Continue reading
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Feb 3, 2012
Board3275 is now following A Facebook User
Feb 3, 2012