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Just how ancient is it? My first house was old enough to have bathrooms as big as bedrooms, no heat, 12 foot ceilings of pulled plaster with fancy diddly-whatsises let into the plaster around the chandeliers, and a crack in the roof sunning from one side of the house to the other. And then there were the hidden "features"... When I built my own, I put in a secret passage. :)
Contrary to the expressed opinion of Rick Scott and the rest of the denial community, global warming due to human causes is the consensus opinion of science. If you are curious, visit the Union of Concerned Scientists website ucsusa dot org or a website built by the climate science community -realclimate dot org- for discussing it. These are basically official spokespersons for the community of scientists as they exist for this purpose. Period. There is nothing else to say. The arguments were basically over before James Inhoffe took his first dollar from ExxonMobil. Virtually 99% of all you have heard about it not being settled has been paid for by either Exxon or its allies. What does this say about Scott? What does this say about you if you agree with him? It says he doesn't bother checking when someone says something he wants to hear. Something like "We have to get God back in the classroom." Or "Obama isn't a citizen."
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Yoga comes from a time when people may not have made distinctions between secular and religious practice. Much like anything prior to the fuzzy demarcation provided by the Enlightenment. Attempting to pin the tail of modernity on the donkey of ancient lore may be futile. I recall attending a Yoga center in West Palm Beach that was a satellite operation for a Bahamian-based Maharishi resort in the 1970s. It was all very secular and sweaty. However, after working yourself into a properly flexible state, you were invited to visit the resort where, it was said, devotees could attain the ability to levitate. It seemed very much like Scientology at the time Hubbard was hiding out from the law in Clearwater, albeit kinder and gentler. I would very much like to hear what you have to say about L. Ron Hubbard and the government's case for treating Scientology as a non-religion. Perhaps using the word "stupid" is dangerous, but where one draws the line personally and legally seem to be quite different.
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Why a surprise? Profit/capital investment total is a measure designed to compare return on capital investment of heavy industry. Measuring service or research indsutry investment is going to be a different matter. The insurance industry never used it - see A. M. Best Review over 75 years of rating insurors You could have looked at AIG over the last twenty years to see that their Returns to Talent was fantastic after Japanese management took over.
Graduation is not an ending but a beginning. The faculty welcome the graduates into their guild where if students continue to work hard, they can look forward to being full fledged members of the community of scholars. I would like to make a point that the labor of scholarship at a young age goes largely unrewarded while sports can get children an inordinate amount of adulation. The graduation ceremony is where we, the faculty, ask the students to take their place and in the case of the valedictorian, to reflect on the experience on behalf of her fellows. For some unknown reason, Art Johnson thinks he speaks on behalf of the community of scholars because he signs some of their paychecks.
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FLVS enrollment is not all nutcases. The great majority are your neighbors' kids that need to clear a required class they missed out on. The story is in what FLVS administrators told the teacher to say and do. @leftbehind - there is no shortage of biologists for education - they just don't want to start at teacher's wages. @amy - standards have nothing to do with a teacher avoiding confrontation with a demonstrably stupid parent who keeps a child away from the rest of us because of paranoia. We don't know what percentage of parents do this with their kids because of their inability to think clearly about theology and the world around them. But we DO know the teachers at FLVS probably have more than their share of it. At least some of the kids end up going to weird places like Liberty University where the student Democratic club was recently banned.
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