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They bought the distressed debt planning to claim that the original junior creditors were defrauded. So you might say that they intentionally bought their victimhood from the victims.This is akin to what Elliot Associates did buying Argentinian bonds.(Felix Salmon Blog Search). And the Second Court of Appeals is on the verge of rewarding them handsomely for it. Dick the Butcher had it right: "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." but forgot to add the banksters to the equation.
Pretty soon you will need Moscow dogs to protect the city. ( Just hope they don't turn out like the ones in Dehli (
Along with branding, I think the other aspect that you should examine is how we "un-learn" things. Considering the privilege we confer on so many bad ideas simply because we learned them at a young age (or from a respected figure) and subsequently refuse to abandon them, branding is instrumental in that process.
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Defending the indefensible, that's me... I have flown a lot, not so much over the past 5 years but a whole bunch prior to that. I agree that air travel has degraded, but why? Many reasons are likely but the one that sticks out in my opinion (emphasis on anecdote and opinion) is the American attitude for saving money, and willingness to accept poorer service to save money. We as a society are so focused on saving a buck, that we force service industries to race to the bottom. Entire industries are created with the sole purpose of saving a buck or two, and those industries punish those who attempt to offer quality over price. As a result we have a great divide - those who pay, and pay exorbitant prices for exemplary service, and those who pay the bare minimum for substandard service. Although this appears to blame the victim, there has to be some acknowledgement that this situation did not appear in a vacuum. How the airlines will reproduce the Apple model, where consumers pay a premium for functioning but not superior service, I don't know. But that is what needs to happen; Americans need to be taught how to recognize the difference between value and cheap. Not everything that is cheap is a good value, and not everything that costs more is a rip-off. BTW - when sending the minor on an unaccompanied trip, consider giving them a disposable cell phone to call home in cases such as this one. It can save a great deal of anxiety.
"So he set up some tables in a garage and made sandwiches and then he delivered them to the workplace to people who wanted them." Yeah that's the ticket... except maybe the health Department may be interested in the sanitary conditions of that garage. Anyone remember the vendor of sausages and quesa fresca in the bay area oh so many years ago? IIRC, over a dozen were hospitalized. Mind you, buying quesa fresca is always a crap shoot, but wow buying it from a door to door salesman, who offers uncooked meats in the same tray, that's Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic.
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Going from distant memory, the symbols are Deccan, as in Deccan Plateau, India. Look up the history of India on Wikipedia and they have a bit on vedic and Hindu iconography. I would not classify it so much as "new age" so much as classical Hindu. Dumas, Texas looks to be on the Wichita - Santa Fe corridor, so perhaps the family is part of the south Asian migration to this area during the railroad construction. If you ever in El Paso, be sure to visit the Chinatown there - best food outside of San Francisco.
IMHO, the question is: are the Olympics a tiresome bore, or is it just the hype around them that makes them tiresome? Either way they approach the tediousness of watching NASCAR and golf. (So says a guy without cable TV. I have cable internet, but no TV.)
While I agree with the message, I have a quibble with the ad hominem "Faux News." This is not a tone troll argument, I believe that the big lie charge is true and needs to be widely broadcast. I simply believe one undercuts their own message when one so blithely engage in a logical fallacy. Is the message lost or weakened by referring to FNC as Fox?
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May 27, 2012