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Bob Aho
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Defending the indefensible, that's me... I have flown a lot, not so much over the past 5 years but a whole bunch prior to that. I agree that air travel has degraded, but why? Many reasons are likely but the one that sticks out in my opinion (emphasis on anecdote and opinion) is the American attitude for saving money, and willingness to accept poorer service to save money. We as a society are so focused on saving a buck, that we force service industries to race to the bottom. Entire industries are created with the sole purpose of saving a buck or two, and those industries punish those who attempt to offer quality over price. As a result we have a great divide - those who pay, and pay exorbitant prices for exemplary service, and those who pay the bare minimum for substandard service. Although this appears to blame the victim, there has to be some acknowledgement that this situation did not appear in a vacuum. How the airlines will reproduce the Apple model, where consumers pay a premium for functioning but not superior service, I don't know. But that is what needs to happen; Americans need to be taught how to recognize the difference between value and cheap. Not everything that is cheap is a good value, and not everything that costs more is a rip-off. BTW - when sending the minor on an unaccompanied trip, consider giving them a disposable cell phone to call home in cases such as this one. It can save a great deal of anxiety.
"So he set up some tables in a garage and made sandwiches and then he delivered them to the workplace to people who wanted them." Yeah that's the ticket... except maybe the health Department may be interested in the sanitary conditions of that garage. Anyone remember the vendor of sausages and quesa fresca in the bay area oh so many years ago? IIRC, over a dozen were hospitalized. Mind you, buying quesa fresca is always a crap shoot, but wow buying it from a door to door salesman, who offers uncooked meats in the same tray, that's Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic.
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May 27, 2012