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What a fascinating set of stories. I love the idea that Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa strongly "courted" Zina for her money and European/American resources. This actually raises them even more in my estimation. Like many Tibetan lamas, in my experience, they weren't up on a cloud, but canny operators, cleverly (and playfully) making things happen to bring benefit to others. (Including Zina herself by all accounts - including I think the accounts that recognise the complexity of her story?) It's great, and important, to understand the history of Buddhism's growth in the west, in a way that goes beyond simplistic platitudes, and tells of the richness and complexity of those involved. Thank you! (Incidentally - have you seen the Bhutanese film "The Cup" ? I think that similarly shows how transcendence and day-to-day problems and complexities are not either-or, but go together.)
A really useful piece of history, Seb. The history of initiatives in education is so often forgotten, apart from in the heads of those few who were there at the time. This means that we are condemned to repeat our mistakes. (And don't learn from our successes.) It would be really interesting to see more - and more perspectives.
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Jun 6, 2012