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BTW, I also agree with a couple people who speak of Research. you mentioned Zachery Stichen. Good books and well understood knowledge But only one side of a Coin , Zach translatesa them as he sees it . But the real summerian texts do not mention Aliens. They do mention however a more highly enlightened Race like to humans. As well as show those humans as reptillian. But the parts that Zach left out was a very improtant part, and that was the history of the devide between the annunanki. There scieoty ( sp?) devided into three select groups. Theres also the story of Tuatha De nan in ireland in the war against the giants , as well as africa in the story of the african princess that was captured and replaced by a lizard man shapshifter . Many things one should look at through history before speaking to events of the now. * smiles* Feel free to contact to me writter . Many thanks.
There are alot of Valid points and arguements serrounding this . The information seems to vary from on place to the next But i do think you are on the right track and Id Like to advise you about what I know and understand of things . But not here . Please contact my email. that is listed here from google.
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Dec 8, 2011