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This is similar to what I know about US Notes in the Philippines and in the hands of Kuomintang generals. These are page-sized notes, with 33 coupons across the bottom in three rows. It seems these are a kind of US Bond instead of US Note. They can be redeemed, but only at any central bank. The US (CIA) is trying to keep this from happening. We don't need any more paper "funny money" floating around or being redeemed, because it's just more fiat money. It was printed during WW II to help fight the Japanese. It should not be redeemable; I believe the whole US Bond situation constitutes fraud and is actionable. Legitimate on its face, it's still constructive fraud because the terms and conditions under which they were issued. Fraud vitiates the most solemn contract. Why, then, are we still issuing "war bonds" in peacetime? The whole T-Note trade is fraudulent.
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Nov 21, 2009