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Is Miami running the pro-Islam ads on their buses? If so, Jews and Christians should complain that the ads insult Judaism and Christianity. In the less than 48 hours that the buses ran your ads, did you get a lot of phone calls from people wishing to leave Islam?
The intervirew of the Indian intellectuals was very good--and moving. The interview of Col Gruber COULD have been very good if the amateurish interviewer hadn't done some much of the talking. She was there to interview him and get his views, not to impart her own. She gave the impression that she was trying to feed him the answers to her question on the Goldstone Report. Note a good impression if you want to attract YouTube viewers who may not have developed an opinion yet. Such yackiness on the part of an interviewer is a sign of incompetence.
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2010 on NYC: In Defense of Israel at Atlas Shrugs
good for Hannity--but he still grovels before Damianuk's pal Pat Buchanan and tosses him wiffleball questions.
If you go to the website you'll discover that genetic studies have shown the Isreli Shkenazic Jews and "Palestinians" are the same gene pool --that the Ashkenazim are closer to the "Palestinians" than are the Sephardic Jews (!). The thesis of this is that the"Palestnians" are descendants of Jews who remained in the land but, like most of the non-Arab peoples of the Midddle East conqured by jihad, eventually yielded to Islam rather than live under the pressures of dhimmitude. Ironically, when "Palestinians" scream "Khaybar Khaybar ya yahud...", they don't realize that they themselves were Jews at the time that the Khaybar battle took place! The Engagement is also on Facebook. The Engagement's website has some interesting videos and stories on their research--and there is a book available at Amazon called "Brother Shall not Lift Sword Against Brother,"which deals with the ctireless reasearch conducted mainly by the founder, Tsvi Misinai. The gist of the Villenas article seems to say that the Jews aren't any diffreent genetically from the Arabs in Israel-- But the Jews have never claimed genetics as a basis for Jewishness--Jewishbness is determined by Jewish family law--birth to a Jewish mother or conversion--and genetics is irrelevant. It sound like the Spanish-authored article is playing with the old Spanish racist idea of "pureza de sangre" clothed in modern science jargon. Villenas has adopted an anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic theme, that somehow the Jews consider themselves a "genetically pure race." PS: Pamela, you need a new website disign! Your website should have headlines that can be clicked onto--rather than making the reader constantly scroll down--Only junkies such as myself have the patience to go to your site several times a day and scroll down below your top story to see what else you have been adding.
Pamela, you missed commenting fully on what they were chanting in Arabic! Khaibar Khaibar ya yahud, jaish Muhammed sa-ya'ud---the delightful little cry reminding the Jews of the awful treatment that Muhammed and his army gave the Jews of Khaibar -- you can hear it at most pro-Fakestinian demonstrations.
An excellent array of speakers! After hearing Col. West, I went to his website and made a contribution to his campaign He's the only politician I've ever heard who understands the situation and openly states the case. I only hope the people of his district (and the American peopleas a whole--because this guy is definitely Presidential material!) are not afraid of being spoken to as grownups. I am a lifelong Democrat--and this is the first time I've ever contributed to a Republican.
Pam, if I ever needed a lawyer--I'd choose you! (I don;t konw if you are a laweyr or not--but you are one top-notch advocate. You are right on certin things: the left's preocupation with Sarah Palin is due to snobism-and they conveneintly negelct clotorectomies and honor killings and dump their wrath buckets on Srah Palin. That being said, however, these tings do not make Sarah Palin a genius, and they do not make her qualified to be president. And just because I don't especially like ron Reagan (on his radio show he featured poets from Guantanamo prison-poor little terrorists--made me want to throw up in my 97 Saturn--but that would have brought down the car's value even more), that doesn't mean that Ron Reagan is worng about everything in the world. I think he is almost right about Sarah Palin--she is not the air head he depicts her as. but she is dishonest and calculating. She lied about her husband's membership in the wacko secessation party--and insiders in the McCain campaign depict her in less than glowing terms.
Stephanie--great video--I've forwarded it to friends
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2010 on The New Face of Evil at Atlas Shrugs
you ought to check first to make sure that this is for real and not a hoax--that what you have been sent is accurate--why at that high shcool, in particular? It sounds fishy to me.
Amazing--after that testimony in Nuremberg--he got off scott free! Thanks, Pamela, for detailing the source--as you know--the Nuermberg archive are masive, massive, massive.
Pamela: The State Dept. information on the mufti may possibly be available at the State Dept. archives Library in DC without the need to file a FOI request. Although it is a stretch, one should try to see what is currently readily available to the public.a Dean Acheson was NOT acting Sec. of State; he ws Undersecretary of State under Edward Stettinus, James Byrnes and Geo. Marshall. He was vary close to Roosevelt, having been in his administration from 1933 onward. Acheson himself was Truman's Sec of State 1949-53. His papers are at the Truman Library in Independence, MO. Also: does your source on the Nuremberg Trials have name of the person giving testimony? --or maybe just the date of the testimony--or the general subject under which which the testimony was given? The proceedings of the trials are published and available in the better university law libraries--and are also available on line. As for the Berlin location in which these plans were found--someone in Berlin might do some cross-checking for city permits given for remodeling during the time that the blueprints were discovered. Berlin is not a place in which remodeling of a residence is done without a permit; even some personal inquiries in the "suspected" neighborhoods might reveal something.
I'm glad, Pamela, that you are bringing the issue up on this side of the Atlantic--Heretofore, Bat Yeor has been the main source of information on this "secret" death pact that the Europeans are so anxious to be a part of. The more we discuss it, the more public it becomes, and the better the chances that Europe will not totally go over the ledge into letting itself be a "northern colony" of the Islamic world.
Be assured: Reid will be totally exonerated, because is on the "correct" side of The political fence. No one in the Democratic party will call for his resignation. On the other hand, some one like Trent Lott who made racially nasty remarks in praise of Strom Thurmond, was booted out of his chairmanship positon and held in disgrace. Reid's remakrks are troubling. Most liberals, when they want to make a racially prejudiced remark, say it indirectly: "That neighborhood is 'sketchy,'" (i.e., it has "too many" blacks or Hispanics), or "That school has 'problems'" (i.e., that school might have some black students). Reid and kenned, were, I guess, off guard and among like-thinking fellas (they thought).
I went over to The Next Web, the source of this story on Atlas Shrugs, and they had an update. Google had been contacted and claimed that the discrepancy came from a glitch in their system and that the problem would be resolved soon, so that the categories that fall under the other relgions also fall under Islam. Of course, I don't konw whether this is true or not, but I suppose that the bad publicity was impetous for Google to "fix problem" whatever its souce--a bug, or cowardice. Let's see if they fix the problem and how long it takes them.
Pamela--are you sure that the guy on Facebook is the same Rilvin Bary? The one on Facebook has as organization called "Jesus Power" one of his pages. Is Rivka's brother a closet Christian? If the guy on Facebook is her brother, I can see why she would want to stay clear of him.