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Hey Andy, Just found this. (Why I didn't see it earlier, I don't know!) Thanks for this insight. I respect the scholarship of Gordon Fee. I wonder about his interpretation of elders... As I stated, it has been many NT scholars' contention (I cite FF Bruce) that elders and deacons were the main leaders of the early church (also including Scot McKnight). I am not convinced yet of the missional church's insistence about all the ill effects of what is called "Christendom." I have sympathies for it, but it seems that it is not nuanced enough... It seems that the early church tradition and the church fathers are too easily dismissed. I'm going to have to research this more! I agree that there is a tendency toward a cessationist view of apostles and prophets in some corners of evangelicalism (though I haven't seen that view about evangelists - especially since Billy Graham was such an influencer). This is not my view and isn't a factor in my critique of APEST. Thanks again!
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Oct 22, 2019