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Bob Shank
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Most of the issues posted by the above users are caused by 1)server overloads, 2)bandwidth constriction. Both of which NFLX is experiencing because of their phenomenal public/world growth. Like most over-expanded I-Net companies (and, especially, Netflix - which is the next Microsoft) their current 'requests' from users often vastly outnumber their physical or electronic abilities to reply to them. Take a hint, take a ticket, stand in line, invest $100,000 (or, $10). I did, and my broker and financial analyst absolutely LOVE me! They think I'm a genius! fact, I love myself looking at todays ticker-tapes (they have no idea how stupid I am on Wall Street). You just have to be a little 'wise-guy.' Hey, an average American can do it. Take if from me: don't sell your brains 'short.'
As a customer, a viewer and a NFLX investor I want to see the company get rid of their $700,000,000 DVD overhead ASAP. Let me say that again: ASAP. My feelings go out to those who, for some inconceivable reason, can't get live-streaming. Why? Can't figure that out. If you can send/receive e-mail, you can get live-streaming from Netflix at $7.99/month. All you have to do is buy a converter box for about $60 - ONE TIME CHARGE, NO FREAKING MONTHLY PAYMENTS! HAVE YOU GOT THAT? What's the freaking problem? Why would anyone in their right, average mind want to send/receive/wait-for DVDs a couple of times a week when you can get live-streaming movies, instantly, 24-7-365 at any hour of the day, one movie after another: 'pause', 'delete', 'forward', 'backward', 'chose another' 'STOP'...from your recliner for over 25,000 movies (and rapidly climbing, weekly, by the hundreds) on your television set with a remote controller - at $7.99/month - in your recliner??? Why would any cretin refuse that? I can't wrap my mind around you people/aliens. Honest to God, where do you come from - Pittsburgh? Miami? Toledo? Sacramento? Anywhere in Nebraska, Arkansas or Butte, Montana? Sombody in Kansas with Toto? Send me an e-mail and explain to me, in detail, why you either CAN'T get live-streaming, or, why you DON'T WANT live-streaming from Netflix. I'll be happy to respond. ~Zona Bob ___ Get a grip, join the 21st Century. It's 2011.
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Jul 9, 2011