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Bob Spatz
Chicago area
I'm a moderate, independent Jeffersonian on a spiritual path of meditation, personal growth, and vegetarianism, with a robust sense of humor.
Interests: non-fiction, meditation, thomas jefferson, newspapers, natural beauty, soft rock/classical/blues/classic rock, chicago sports teams, mystery! on pbs, dancing to rock/world music, ravinia festival, personal/spiritual development, united states, God/the Divine, environment/politics, 'woman's movies', morality/vegetarianism, psychology/human nature, tennis, and backyard fish pond
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Mar 15, 2010
My Mom, Hazel Spatz, passed away around one year ago just about two and a half months after my Dad . She was in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease, non-verbal, and he had been her full-time care-giver (with some... Continue reading
I find myself in the odd position of commenting on my own Post, since I just came across a short piece that relates well to the topic. It's titled: Will Smith:'People looked at me crazy'-- To actor Will Smith, one of the planet's most reliable box-office stars, Obama's impact transcends the cultural world. "He has validated something that I've believed for a lot of years, that I've never really been able to say," Smith said. "People looked at me crazy, and as a black man you were never really allowed to say: 'You know, I don't think America is a racist nation. I think there are racist people that live here, but I think as a whole America is not a racist nation.' You were Uncle Tom if you ever said that before...I think [his election] completed a cycle of African-American citizenship. It was like the last stamp on African-American citizenship, and no longer are we African-Americans. We are Americans of African descent." Chicago Tribune, January 4, 2009) As we used to say in another era--"Right on!"
Toggle Commented Feb 10, 2009 on THANK YOU, BARACK AND MICHELLE at Our Jefferson
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