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@ Frank,15 mph difference for 7 miles adds up to more than a few seconds.What is really sad is that a truck can't hold any speed only pulling less than half of what it's rated for.What would happen if you pulled the max?Would you be at 25 mph?This should of been nothing for a F450.
As for the shootout 16% grade test,it wasn't 7 miles long!I do have a new 2011 3500 SRW D/A,and it does make me feel good to see GM win these test.That being said,I think the Ford has a good foundation,but they need to do alot more refining.It's no surprise that it's not that great yet,but I bet it will be better next year.
I would think that as long as you didn't rev it past it's power band the 4.30 gears would help it keep from losing speed.If it was,why didn't it just up shift to the next gear?Don't they put the 4.30 gears in there to make it easier to pull heavy loads?
@ Micah,My brakes went metal to metal at around 22,000 miles and the trans bit the dust at 37,XXX miles.The truck was stock other than some 285 BFGs.I never towed heavy with it,one time I might of got close to 10,000#,but most of the time it was around 6,000# or under and 30 mile round trips to the race track.That being said,I wasn't really easy on it either,but I haven't been easy on my Chevy either.I ran the Edge Juice on it for over 80,000 miles,with around 10,000 miles of that in level 4 and then about 15,000 miles in level 5 after I got in cab controller.I limped the trans one time after that so I kept it in level 2 or 3 after that.At 94,XXX miles the trans and original brakes was still holding when I picked up the new truck last night and thats why I stuck with Chevy this time.
Sounds like a bunch of politicians on here,when making statements they leave out the facts that make their point of view not look as!As for as I'm concerned,anyone that is so brand loyal that they would never buy another brand no matter WHAT or at least give credit where it is do,their opinion is WORTHLESS.I've owned more Ford trucks over the years than Chevys.My last Ford was a 1999 7.3,even though it didn't hold up very well for me,I still think it was the best truck I could get at that time.In 2004 I bought a Chevy 6.6 because I didn't like what I was hearing about the Ford 6.0.I've had such good luck with my Chevy that I have a new 2011 ordered that should be here anytime.That doesn't mean that I think Chevy is better than Ford from every angle,just most of the ones that are important to me and these test confirm it.Right now I do trust Chevy more than Ford for durability,but the new 6.7 may be able to change my mind in the long run.Even though Chevy won,if the new Ford does prove to be durable,I could see where it could be the better truck for some people.
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Aug 18, 2010